Custom and Semi-Custom Builds

Using the world’s leading panel technology from AU Optronics, LG Display, Tianma and others, Luxtronix can meet any display specification. We manufacture LCD monitors and touchscreens for any application, indoors or out. These solutions can be custom-tailored to exact user specifications including: a choice of inputs; built-in computers; custom electronics and housings; and now, certified anti-viral coatings.

Custom solutions can be manufactured in as few as 5 units. We focus solely on the design and manufacture of digital display hardware. We do not provide other IT elements such as content management or delivery. Luxtronix can help you exceed user expectations by providing the right display at the right price, within the right lead time.


Custom Options


Touch Interactivity

Armoured resisitive, optical or projected-capacitive touchscreen options. HID compliant. 
Total rain rejection, adjustable touch zones and sensitivity for all-weather outdoor use.


Built-In Camera/Sensors

Built-in network/USB cameras and IR/microwave presence sensors for ultimate engagement.


Speakerless Audio

Full-range audio, with no apparent speakers or grill holes provide ultimate security and durability.


Flexible Connectivity/Computer Options

User-specified inputs, extended signal receivers and built-in media players and computers.


Custom Enclosure Colours

Customer-specified powder coat colours for client branding.


Custom Design

No-charge design and 3D rendering of client-driven display solutions and mounting systems.


Anti-Microbial Touchscreens

The most advanced technology to keep touch screens clean and users safe.