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Past Project Review
Past Project Review

Installed over 18 months ago in Coquitlam, B.C., this double-sided 55" interactive kiosk provides city event information and wayfinding for residents and tourists alike. It has operated without failure or any service since commission in June of 2019. This recent, unretouched photo was taken in August, 2020.

Did you know….?
Did you know….?

Luxtronix modular kiosks can be installed in less than 4 hours by two persons (not including ground work).  No crane truck required, no traffic disruptions.

LuxLCD® Touch Advantages


Complete Rain/Ice/Snow Rejection

LuxLCD® touchscreens are unaffected by streaming rain or snow/ice/debris build-up on the display. Definable touch zones, points and sensitivity range from hover mode to hard press, even with gloved hands.


In-glass Sensor

Transparent ITO sensor lines are printed directly onto the rear surface of the tempered cover glass, not plastic “skins” applied to the glass that can de-laminate or significantly impair the optical performance of the display.


Vandal Resistant

Tempered glass sensor screen. The sensor cannot be damaged by “keying”, cutting, burning or other physical damage (other than complete breakage by severe impact).


Custom Branded Solutions

Project your community image with easily customized solutions using LuxLCD® Modular Kiosks.
Custom colours, graphics and architectural additions are available to meet any specification or tender.
Alternatively, your sign company can easily apply custom add-on signage and additions using our modular platform. 

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