Industrial-Grade Digital Displays for Transit

Transit systems depend on reliable, infrastructure-grade equipment to keep people moving safely.
LuxLCD® industrial-grade monitors are specifically engineered for tough, long-term, public infrastructure use.
Coordinated mounting systems and static signage add-ons provide total display hardware solutions in a single procurement.

Improve your rider experience with ultra-reliable, rugged public information display screens.
Scroll down to discover the industrial-grade advantages over standard commercial monitors.


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Luxtronix offers complete digital display contract solutions including indoor and outdoor monitors with co-ordinated mounting systems and cable management to meet any spec. One stop hardware procurement for your entire contract.

Metrolinx® Approved!

Luxtronix is the only Canadian LCD manufacturer approved for use by Metrolinx, Ontario’s main government transit agency.

luxLCD® Industrial-Grade Advantages


Ultra-Reliable long-Life Components

LuxLCD industrial-grade monitors are engineered for long-term 24/7 operation with up to 70,000 hrs. rated life. Commercial monitors only provide 30,000 to 50,000 hours of design life typically.


Ingress Ratings for Transit Environments

Complete protection from rain, snow and dust with up to IP65 ingress ratings. Commercial monitors only provide IP54 ratings at best (not dust or water tight). 


"One-Stop" Total Display Hardware Solutions

Coordinated mounting systems with secure cable management, architectural shrouding and matching static sign extensions are available for LuxLCD monitors.  Free standing pedestals provide floor mounted options. Commercial monitors require third-party custom-built enclosures, signage and mounts. 


Heavy-Duty Construction

LuxLCD monitors are resilient against vibration or shock from all directions, not just the front glass surface. Heavy-duty mounting bosses use M10 (3/8") bolts that provide sufficient strength to withstand wind gusts of up to 100Km/hr. Commercial monitors use only M8 (5/16") bolts at best, which may not provide adequate strength for public safety with strong wind gusts.


Stand-Alone capability

Most all outdoor commercial monitors have exposed fans and air filters on the rear panel, necessitating secondary shrouding or enclosures. LuxLCD industrial monitors have closed rear panels and do not require any shrouding or secondary enclosures for all-weather, outdoor capability. 


Long-Term Repairabilty

Most commercial monitors are not intended to be repaired,  with very few replacement parts available (planned obsolescence). LuxLCD monitors can be repaired and maintained beyond their warranty coverage, with all parts and service readily available for most models.


Sealed/Secure Cable Entry

Direct conduit entry provisions are included on all LuxLCD monitors. Sealed cable glands with up to IP65 ingress rating are also available as standard options. Commercial monitors only provide IP54 or less cable entry ratings (not dust or water tight). 


Long Life Cycles

Commercial monitor models change almost every year, meaning you can never buy the same monitor later. This can cause significant future expenses in replacing failed displays due to incompatibility with existing mounts or enclosures. LuxLCD industrial monitors have a 5 year minimum life cycle for most models, future-proofing your infrastructure investment.


Custom Branded Solutions

 Custom colours, graphics and architectural additions are available to meet any specification or tender, including co-ordinated attached static signage, custom mounts and free-standing pedestals.

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