Why Luxtronix?

Luxtronix is a pioneer in the development of large, super-bright LCD digital displays.

Since 2004 we have manufactured tens of thousands of indoor and outdoor LCD monitors and touchscreens. Count on our real-world knowledge and experience to ensure trouble-free roll-outs with unmatched service and support for any size of project.

As an electronic manufacturer, we design and purpose-build LCD monitors and touchscreens from the ground up, to any specification.
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When Working with Luxtronix Expect...

Superior Customer Service

Proactive support, quick turnarounds and security of spare parts enable superior service. From initial contact to product shipment and beyond,
we're dedicated to supporting our partners and their customers. We ensure that every one of our digital-display solutions fit the expectation and needs
of your stakeholders for the long-term.

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fully Engineered Solutions

We engineer and manufacture industrial-grade LCD monitors and touchscreens from scratch, using the best panels from the the world's leading sources.
Fully engineered solutions designed from the ground up to survive any target environment, indoors or out. 

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What Makes Luxtronix Products Industrial-grade?

LuxLCD® are built to much higher standards physically. They are designed to withstand impacts from all sides, not just the front screen. They are designed to withstand 100 km/hr. wind gusts. The VESA mounting points use larger bolts than a commercial grade. The finishing is more durable (powder-coated vs anodized aluminum). Industrial housings are more robust, using thicker gauges of materials throughout.


Industrial grade monitors are rated to provide 50-70K hours of useful life. Most commercial monitors are 50K hours or less.

Long Life Cycle

Industrial-grade LCDs have a controlled Bill Of Materials (B.O.M.). That means the parts used are guaranteed to be available for at least 5 years. This allows the same model to be available for much longer than commercial monitors, which have same-model availability of only 1 or 2 years typically. 


Due to the controlled B.O.M., an industrial-grade monitor can be repaired for at least 5 years, with every part available for replacement. Commercial monitors are virtually unrepairable. Few spare parts are available for purchase. This has major environmental impacts. An industrial-grade monitor can be kept in service for far longer than a commercial monitor.


Industrial grade monitors can tolerate more extreme conditions than commercial products. Industrial monitors have a wider operating temperature of up to -40 to +70c, versus -20 to +50 for commercial monitors, and can work in environments with high levels of shock and vibration.

Stand-Alone Capability

Most commercial monitors have exposed fans, air filters or connections on the rear panel. Industrial grade monitors do not. As such, commercial monitors must be placed in secondary enclosures to provide rear panel protection. Industrial grade monitors can be installed on their own, directly exposed to all weather from all sides.

Secure Cable Entry

LuxLCD® monitors have sealed cable glands rated as high as IP67, and/or direct conduit entry, commercial monitors do not (IP54 at best).

Real-World Solutions

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

“Thanks for turning on a dime to meet our short notice deadlines. You have a true “can-do” attitude.”

Tim Hortons

“This project was one of the most successful and trouble-free equipment roll-outs in our history.”

Parks Canada

"All comments received from our staff and park visitors have been positive. Thanks for your technical expertise and excellent service."